Imperial Cook

A super simple app that helps you to convert imperial units commonly used in cooking recipes into metric units. The selection of units is therefore curated and the conversion also only works one-way.

The story behind the app

Stuck in Corona Social Distancing isolation, I finally found the time to help my girlfriend Yoo Jin out in dealing with every present, ever confusing imperial units. She likes to use recipes from all over the internet and, therefore, often stumbles over imperial measures. They don’t make sense to us metric people. All the existing conversion apps were too complicated and had too many options. The solution: Create an app based on the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) principle to solve this one specific issue. Open the app. Convert the measure. Close it and get back to more important things.

Privacy Policy

We don’t store your data. You only interact with Apple and their AppStore Service. We don’t get to see any of that data and we also don’t want to.